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Tottenham Hotspur forced to ban use of “selfie sticks” in White Hart Lane



AFP/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur have banned fans taking the “selfie stick” into White Hart.

There’s a sentence I never, ever thought I’d get to have to type.

The selfie stick, which is essentially an extendable arm used to take wider-framed selfies, was a popular gift over the recent holiday season. Apparently someone in North London was the lucky recipient of this ingenious abomination, and they thought it was a good idea to use it at White Hart Lane.

This, understandably, angered and/or annoyed fellow match-goers, prompting at least one Tottenham supporter to contact the club regarding the matter.


— Liam (@LiamCSWY) January 7, 2015

Frankly, everyone in the world should applaud Spurs for their decision to ban selfie sticks inside White Hart Lane, no matter how obvious a regulation that may be. Other clubs, including Arsenal who have already done so, are sure to join the ranks as having also banned selfie sticks inside their stadium.

The fact that any Premier League club even had to broach this subject tells you everything you need to know about today’s society. If I’m paying anywhere between $60 and $200 for just a decent seat at a Premier League stadium, you can be sure I’ll be far more focused on the action playing out in front of me than anything happening on my phone.

I’ll say this for selfie stick-wielding fans: At least you’re not the guy who took a selfie behind the goal as Frank Lampard scored a penalty, his 250th goal for the club.

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