Old hat

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The White Sox aren't just another team to Jeff Samardzija -- they're the team he rooted for as a kid. This is home. More | White Sox celebrate new trio | GM Hahn OK with Cabrera's past | One dinner changed everything
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Jimmy Rollins, officially traded to LA, wrote an emotional goodbye to Philly after 18 years.
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MLB Commissioner Elect Rob Manfred says Bud Selig will be Commissioner Emeritus.
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Stay a Padre
Justin Upton is reportedly open to signing an extension with the Padres before spring training.

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1. W. Myers (5039)

2. M. Kemp (3542)

3. J. Upton (2785)

4. J. Kang (2774)

5. W. Middlebrooks (2687)

6. C. McGehee (2682)

7. M. Morse (2411)

8. A. Rios (2375)

9. C. Headley (2211)

10. J. Peavy (1935)