Hall can wait

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Bud Selig may be the greatest commissioner in baseball history, but let's hold off on the Hall of Fame talk for now. More | Greatest in baseball history | Readers react | A-Rod meets Manfred | New commish's to-do list
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Of course Deflategate couldn't happen in baseball. There's no air in them, you silly goose.
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The Yanks reportedly want to avoid paying A-Rod for upcoming home run milestones.
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Looking up
Baseball isn't dying, people; it's projected that MLB could soon surpass the NFL financially.

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1. J. Papelbon (5777)

2. J. Shields (5077)

3. R. Vogelsong (4802)

4. I. Suzuki (4246)

5. Y. Moncada (3500)

6. J. Gomes (3357)

7. J. Hoffman (3156)

8. G. Soto (2934)

9. J. Montero (2874)

10. D. Fowler (2869)