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Recruit’s mom forges son’s signature on Ole Miss LOI

No, seriously. She did.

In what is one of the more bizarre stories you’ll hear any day of the year let alone signing day, the mother of a football recruit who really, really wanted her son to attend Ole Miss really, really forged the name “Floyd Raven” on a National Letter of Intent. David Brandt of the Associated Press tweeted the following in the midst of Houston Nutt‘s signing day press conference:

Nutt confirms Floyd Raven’s mom forged his signature on LOI to Ole Miss. Raven is going to Texas A&M.

Ole Miss had received a signed LOI from “Raven”, a defensive back out of Louisiana, this morning but refused to accept it. By way of Kyle Veazey of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Nutt explained why it was refused, although he didn’t use the word “forged” in his description.

“His mom. Mom really wanted him here, David,” UM coach Houston Nutt said to Brandt. “Mom wanted him here in the worst way. And so, (UM compliance director) David (Wells is) our expert on that, so the bottom line is when they told us that we said ‘Hey, look, I want you to be here because you really want to be here.’ And he was so torn. It’s really hard, it’s a hard hard decision, but when mom told me that, “Hey, look, I want you to do what’s in your heart. And I think at the time he wanted to go elsewhere and look, I want them to want to be here.”

So, again, a mother forged her son’s signature and faxed it to a school.

Some days, I have little doubt that the Mayans are correct on their prediction. This is one of them.