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Or maybe Harper should just embrace villainy

Piper Snuka

Maybe I went too far in my advice to Bryce Harper this morning. Maybe Ted Berg has a better idea about it all: a full-on heel-turn:

... make ‘em teach you, Bryce. Admire your moonshots. Maintain that godawful mustache. And maybe armor up a bit. The baseball world needs bad guys, and due to your unique situation, the crosshairs have apparently settled on you. Smile back and blow a kiss. Here’s hoping you make the bigs in time to have A-Rod pass you the torch.

I have to say that, if Harper is going to ignore my advice and continue to act like he’s been acting, the next best thing would be for him to totally own it. Because hey, at least that would be entertaining.

And yes, I realize that pic is blurry. If you don’t know what it depicts already, a clearer pic won’t help you. If you do know what it is, man, you’re awesome.