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Anthony Edwards on Alex Rodriguez potentially buying Timberwolves: ‘Who is he?’

In an absolutely delightful preseason interview with Marney Gellner, Timberwolves rookie Anthony Edwards brought up baseball:

  • Edwards: “I used to play baseball when I was young.”
  • Gellner: “How good a baseball player were you?”
  • Edwards: “I could have went to the MLB.”
  • Gellner: “MLB?”
  • Edwards: “Yeah.”
  • Gellner: “I am not surprised.”
  • Edwards: “I’m serious, though. You think I’m joking. I’m serious.”
  • Gellner: “No, I love your confidence. What positions did you play?”
  • Edwards: “I played pitcher, shortstop, third base and centerfield.”
  • Gellner: “Those are the prime positions.”
  • Edwards: “That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”
  • Gellner: “Yeah, you were the best player on your team.”
  • Edwards: “Now, we’re talking.”
  • Gellner: “You could hit the ball.”
  • Edwards: “But I was fourth, fifth hitter. You know what that means?”
  • Gellner: “Cleanup, yeah.”
  • Edwards: “Straight cleanup on aisle three. Come get it.”

Yet, with baseball great Alex Rodriguez advancing toward buying the Timberwolves, Edwards sounded quite unimpressed.

Dane Moore:


A fan? What do you mean? Who is he?
I don’t know who he is. I know he’s finna be the owner, but I don’t know nothing about baseball.

Edwards was 12 when Rodriguez retired, 9 when Rodriguez last made an All-Star team and 6 won Rodriguez last won MVP. So, maybe Edwards is genuinely unfamiliar with Rodriguez.

But Rodriguez has also stayed famous in recent years with his media work and dating Jennifer Lopez. Even if not knowing Rodriguez a week ago, Edwards might have at least looked up his potential future boss.

Either way, this is enjoyable content – Edwards’ acting or Edwards’ nonchalance about the person who could soon sign his paychecks.