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Draymond Green on Kyrie Irving’s flat earth belief being true: “It could be” (VIDEO)


Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving thinks the earth is flat. I would say you should let that sink in, but it might be hard to do that in the absence of gravity.

News that Irving thought NASA, Russia, China, and live video feeds from astronauts aboard the International Space Station were all somehow lying about the roundness of the earth was so hilarious that it trended on Twitter on Friday.

Now, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is saying Irving may be right. Or is he?

Yeah, that’s Draymond trolling. He’s got a reputation for stirring the pot, as well as being a super smart dude who, in this video, can’t even keep the smile off his face as he purposefully tries to feed us writer folks content at All-Star Weekend.

Ok, now I’m not so sure. What is happening in the NBA?