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Jalen Rose regrets voting Kyrie Irving All-NBA: ‘I get mesmerized by his talent’

Kurt Helin offers his take on Joel Embiid being snubbed from the All-NBA First Team and explains why the voting system for the award is flawed.

Hawks star Trae Young earned an extra projected $35 million on his contract extension ($27 million before his 2025 early termination option) by making an All-NBA team this year.

However, one voter chose Nets guard Kyrie Irving – who played just 29 games this season – over Young.

Jalen Rose on ESPN:

I need to fall on the sword, because I’m the lone person that voted Kyrie Irving third-team All-NBA.
I get mesmerized by his talent, but it was a mistake to put him on third-team. And I’m glad that didn’t cost Trae Young his spot, who deserved it more. So, I’m going to own that.

After Stephen A. Smith admonished him, Rose explained further:

First off, I don’t think you heard the part about, I said that was a mistake. That was a bad decision.
But let me tell you how I made that. Because, in my mind, this was a unique season, Greeny, and based on that unique season, when Kyrie Irving decided to play for whatever reason, he was as dominant as any player in the league, and he was one of the top-15 performers when he was in uniform.

Smith continued to shred Rose, who responded:

That’s fair. That’s fair. That’s fair. That’s fair. I own it.

Listen to Jalen’s comments for yourself:

This will further arguments that media voting shouldn’t determine super-max eligibility.

But remember: The NBA decided Rose should have an All-NBA vote. Owners and players agreed All-NBA votes should determine super-max eligibility. Rose didn’t force his opinion to carry such weight.

That said, once Rose accepted a vote, he should have taken more care not to make a decision he immediately regretted when results came out. Especially considering the money on the line for players like Young.

Perhaps, the NBA should no longer leave award voting to media members who don’t even know the game that well. Maybe a committee of former players would do better.