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Bay Of Pigs, Revisited?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be breaking out the old creamsicle uniforms in 2009; that’s been known for several months. But the team hasn’t identified the specific game that will entail a return visit from the orange-and-yellow maskless Zorro who appeared on the team’s helmets for 20 years. According to our friends at Pewter Report (who would have to get a new domain name if the Bucs would ever go back to the old duds on a full-time basis), the Bucs are targeting a November 8 visit from the Green Bay Packers. It’s fitting, we suppose. Prior to 2001, the Packers and the Bucs resided in the same division, and ESPN’s Chris Berman dubbed their annual home-and-home series the “Bay Of Pigs.” [Editor’s note: Actually, it apparently was the late Pete Axthelm who came up with that name.] Though both teams have had extended periods of non-pig-like play, there’s a chance that the rekindling of the Bay of Pigs will feature one or two teams that are rolling around in their own filth.