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Best answers from this year’s Scouting Combine


Low angle view of a schoolboy (8-9) wearing a dunce cap

Getty Images/Stockdisc Premium

After last month’s Scouting Combine, several incoming draft picks visited PFT Live, and I asked each of them whether they faced any goofy or unusual questions when meeting with teams.

Unfortunately, none could point to anything particularly interesting or entertaining.

But now that the craziest week of offseason news in NFL history has ended, we’ve caught wind of two particularly humorous answers that are making the rounds.

One player was asked to name the four seasons.

“Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and . . . Valentine’s Day,” the player said.

Then the player added, “Wait, I got that wrong. . . . Fourth of July!”

Another player was asked why he didn’t sign with one specific agent, with a representative from the NFL team mentioning sarcastically, “Didn’t [unnamed agent] offer you enough money?”

The player said, “He offered enough. It’s just that the other guys offered me more.”

We now return you to the far more serious and non-frivolous aspects of the NFL news cycles.