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Chatter won’t stop of Aaron Rodgers to 49ers

Craig Carton said the 49ers could pursue Aaron Rodgers if the Packers-Jets deal falls apart, but Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss why this could be a move by Green Bay to try to get the deal done.

Two years ago this week, an attempt by the 49ers to trade for Aaron Rodgers resulted in an explosion of reporting and chatter and speculation as to whether Rodgers would be traded during the 2021 draft.

He still hasn’t been traded.

It’s likely going to happen this week, with the Packers and Jets finally working out a deal. But the media abhors a vacuum. With the Lamar Jackson negotiations stagnant and Tom Brady retired (until he isn’t), folks need to write and talk and harvest clicks regarding Rodgers.

Us included.

But we’re not going to try to inflate the news balloon with fugazi air. This idea that, as the trade to the Jets remains delayed, the Packers could pivot to the 49ers, continues to defy all logic and common sense.

First, and most importantly, Aaron Rodgers has said it’s his intention to play for the Jets. Until that intention changes, the destination will not. Period. And there has been no indication, no leak, no chatter that Rodgers has changed his intention to play for the Jets. Until that happens, there’s no way he’s being traded to any team but the Jets.

I know. I know. There’s no no-trade clause in the Rodgers contract. It doesn’t matter. No one is going to trade for a 39-year-old quarterback who has a $60 million compensation package for 2023 unless he wants to be there. Even the most dysfunctional team is (or should be) sufficiently functional to realize that.

Second, why does anyone think the Packers would trade Rodgers to a conference rival? While the Packers might not make it to the playoffs this year, they surely don’t want to see Rodgers during his remaining time in the NFL, if they can help it. Whatever more they’d possibly get from the 49ers over whatever the Jets are offering isn’t worth the potential headache.

Third, where’s this chatter coming from? New York-based voices. It makes sense. The Packers could be deliberately trying to stir up rancor in New York, hoping to pressure the Jets to get the deal done before Rodgers ends up elsewhere. And the New York voices who are pushing this possibility realize the potential value in getting folks properly agitated.

In the absence of anything to talk about, why not talk about the possibility that the think they’d love to be talking about won’t happen at all?

We’re not passing judgment. We’re just making observations.

So here’s another observation. If there really was anything to a potential trade of Rodgers to the 49ers or any other team, we’d be hearing about it from Green Bay media, from national media, and/or from media covering the team that could be acquiring Rodgers. If/when that ever happens, that’s the time to take it seriously.

Again, it would all start with leaks and/or chatter and/or rumors that Rodgers has changed his intention about playing for the Jets. Until that happens, ignore all of it.