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Chris Rainey burns bridges with the Colts


Chris Rainey, the running back who was cut by the Colts for disciplinary reasons early in training camp, watched the team’s preseason game on Thursday night and vented on Twitter about the circumstances that got him cut.

Shortly after running back Dan “Boom” Herron scored a touchdown, Rainey wrote on Twitter that Herron was involved in the same incident that got Rainey cut from the team.

“Nice TD Boom even tho u was in the hallway with me that nite when we was horsing around with the fire extinguisher. Man up like i did,” Rainey wrote.

The Colts have not confirmed what Rainey did to get cut, but the Indianapolis Star reports that a fire alarm was set off on the night of July 27 when a fire extinguisher was sprayed in a break room in the dorm where the Colts are staying. Rainey was released on the morning of July 28.

Rainey confirmed that he isn’t happy about the fact that he was cut and doesn’t think he should have been.

“Yea im piss watchin the colts game when i should be out there too. Even tho i didnt break no f**kin team rules, not even,” Rainey wrote.

Rainey changed the status of his Twitter account to “private” after writing that, but it’s too late: Rainey has publicly vented about the team, and burned bridges in the process.