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Joe Klecko changes his opinion of Aaron Rodgers: He’s doing the things you see a Tom Brady do

The Jets gave up a lot to get Aaron Rodgers to New York, but it has improved the team’s Super Bowl odds. The new face of the franchise also has changed the public opinion of the team.

Rodgers’ work in the offseason program since the trade has changed Hall of Famer Joe Klecko’s opinion of the move.

The former Jets pass rusher worried aloud in February that the addition of Rodgers “could ruin the locker room.” Klecko, though, admitted this week that Rodgers has won him over since the quarterback arrived in a trade from Green Bay.

He’s a different duck. He really is. There’s no doubt,” Klecko said on the Jake Asman Show. “But as far as him as a football player, I’ve always said, as far as an accurate passer, there probably maybe has never been one as good and presently there’s not. He’s the best accurate passer in the league and a four-time MVP. . . . My only contention was how he was going to get along with the young guys, you know?

“I made a reference to it, because the team I was on, we grew together. That was really a cool thing, because we got along so well. That’s what I was hoping, which he now has shown. He’s ingratiated the rest of the team, and he’s out there teaching guys. He’s doing the things that you see a Tom Brady do. I think he’s going to be a big surprise for everybody in New York.”

It probably won’t come as a surprise if Rodgers succeeds. The Jets traded for him to win now, and Rodgers has had only three losing seasons in his 15 seasons as a starter.