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NFL has no update on Andrew Luck rib investigation

Andrew Luck


The recent report and updated report regarding the true status of the rib injury suffered early in the season by Colts quarterback Andrew Luck served as a reminder regarding a key aspect of the story: What, if anything, the NFL will do about it.

Periodic requests for information from the league since the league first acknowledged that it would look into the situation have resulted in consistent response. That same response came in response to the latest request from PFT, made via email on Friday.

“No update,” the league said.

There’s either no update because the investigation is still proceeding two months later, or because the NFL has chosen not to make public the outcome of the investigation.

A decision to avoid transparency wouldn’t be a surprise, given the likely reaction from Patriots fans to the news that the team that launched #DeflateGate over concerns about the “overall integrity of the game” would avoid responsibility under a policy that “is of paramount importance in maintaining the integrity of the game.”

So instead of saying anything, the NFL possibly has opted to say nothing, in the hopes that no one will notice that nothing will be done.