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NFL national revenue reaches $11.98 billion in 2022

What was reported a week ago is now confirmed. The NFL’s national revenue for 2022 has grown to $11.98 billion.

(Actually, the report was $12 billion. And it would be easy to round $11.98 million up to $12 billion. But that’s still $20 million.)

The official numbers come from the annual financial statements published by the Packers, the NFL’s only publicly-traded team. Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal has posted the information.

The $12 billion in national revenue, shared by all 32 franchises, reflects a growth rate of 7.8 percent. Last year, the national revenue grew by 12 percent.

The Packers and every other team received $374.4 million in shared revenue.

National revenue has grown 68 percent since 2016, when it was only $7.12 billion. National revenue crossed the $10 billion threshold for the first time in 2021.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has set a goal of $25 billion in total annual revenue by 2027. The Packers had $235.9 million on local revenue in 2022, pushing their total revenue to $610.3 million.

If other teams are in that same ballpark (and we won’t know that because no other team is required to disclose local revenue), total revenue would be roughly $19.5 billion for 2022.