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NFL should ditch any lingering desire to make the Scouting Combine a traveling road show

The Scouting Combine has been an Indianapolis tradition for decades. It should stay that way.

If it doesn’t, the event could diminish.

Several years ago, it seemed inevitable that the NFL would transform the first offseason tentpole into a traveling circus. The chatter became deafening of moving the Combine here, there, everywhere. Then, common sense and sanity took over.

Indianapolis is the perfect place for it. Primarily because it’s so convenient, for the players, the coaches, the scouts, everyone. Everything is in walking distance. People can quickly get from Point A to Point B. Traffic is light. The city absorbs the event well.

If the Combine goes to other cities, it becomes far less convenient. It might cause some of the top prospects to stay away entirely. And with five coaches skipping most or all of it this year, moving it to a place where it would be more of a pain in the butt to get around could push that number to 15, or more.

The Combine is tied to Indy through 2025. Some in league circles still want to move it, thinking that will make it a bigger deal. If they do, the drop in participation and attendance will make it a lesser deal.

So keep it in Indy, please. It’s currently as big as it’s ever should be. It’s not football. The fact that it now happens barely two weeks after the Super Bowl makes it more clear than ever.

It is what it is. Moving it won’t make it better. Moving it will make it worse.