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Patrick Mahomes: There’s got to be a little bit of common sense on roughing calls

Another game, another controversial roughing the passer call -- this time on the Chiefs' Chris Jones -- causing Mike Florio and Chris Simms to wonder how the league could improve the rule.

Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones, called for a controversial roughing the passer penalty on Monday night, wants the NFL to make the penalty reviewable. His quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, wants officials to use common sense.

Jones’ penalty, which came after he stripped the ball from Derek Carr and recovered it, was the second such egregious call in Week 5. The Bucs and Tom Brady benefited from a roughing the passer call on Atlanta’s Grady Jarrett that wasn’t.

“There are certain situations it shouldn’t be called and it gets called, but it’s like anything in the league, man,” Mahomes said Tuesday on his weekly radio show on The Drive. “Those guys are watching film and trying to do their best to call the game the best way possible and not affect it. There’s got to be a little bit of common sense along the lines of Chris Jones. He stripped the ball. I know some of his body weight lands on him, but he breaks the ground, and he was holding the ball in the other hand. So there’s only so much you can do as a defensive lineman to try to get off the quarterback whenever you have a clean shot on him.

“There are definitely times where it should be called. . . . It’s a hard penalty to call, but the refs continue to learn. They’ll continue to learn from their mistakes and continue to officiate the games the best way possible.”

Mahomes has been the recipient of 19 roughing the passer calls in his career, per