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Peyton Manning could be Cleveland’s best hope


Sure, the Browns could use a quarterback like Peyton Manning. Over the long haul, they’d be better off with an executive like Peyton Manning.

With Jimmy Haslam restructuring the front office to remove the buffer between owner and G.M., a spot has now been created for Manning, if he chooses to follow the John Elway path after Manning’s football career ends and become the buffer between Haslam and G.M. Ray Farmer.

While Manning will be a star if he chooses to do TV, no network will pay as much as Haslam would to resurrect the Browns, if/when (when) the team is still struggling after Manning’s playing career ends.

Manning and Haslam have been linked for years, dating back to Peyton’s time at the University of Tennessee, where Haslam is a major booster. For years, the theory had been that Haslam would buy the Titans and hire Peyton to run the team. Haslam still has a team; he now simply needs someone to run it the way it needs to be run. By someone with the skills to run it. With Haslam taking his unqualified hands off the wheel.

Peyton has the track record, the work ethic, and the gravitas to succeed as an NFL executive, and to persuade the latest meddling NFL owner to stop meddling. Peyton’s involvement also would go a long way toward making the Browns under Haslam look like something other than a clown show.