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Week 11 power rankings

Peter King, Mike Florio and Chris Simms dive into an instant classic between the Seahawks and 49ers on Monday Night Football that saw San Francisco losing for the first time this season.

1. Ravens (7-2; last week No. 3): Yes, it was only the Bengals. But it also was a potential trap game, and this team is too good to have a letdown.

2. Seahawks (8-2; No. 5): Russell Wilson makes $35 million per year, and he’s arguably underpaid.

3. Patriots (8-1; No. 4): The next four games will tell us plenty about the 2019 Patriots.

4. 49ers (8-1; No. 1): Jimmy G is the new Captain Kurt.

5. Saints (7-2; No. 2): Was it is fluke, or a harbinger of doom?

6. Packers (8-2; No. 7): It wasn’t pretty, but it also wasn’t nearly as ugly as the Chargers game.

7. Vikings (7-3; No. 12): In 20 days, we’ll find out whether Primetime Kurt has more staying power than the Great Pumpkin.

8. Texans (6-3; No. 9): Another week, another potential Brady-Manning rivalry gets rolling, with Deshaun Watson facing Lamar Jackson.

9. Chiefs (6-4; No. 8): They’ve gone from having to worry about missing a bye to having to worry about losing the division title.

10. Bills (6-3; No. 6): That “one year away” feeling has been hanging around for a few years.

11. Steelers (5-4; No. 15): The Steelers are ready to give the Browns their latest reminder that the Steelers are the Steelers, and the Browns are the Browns.

12. Eagles (5-4; No. 13): The table is set to topple the Cowboys in the NFC East.

13. Raiders (5-4; No. 17): They’re playing just well enough to be stuck with Derek Carr for another year.

14. Cowboys (5-4; No. 11): They’re playing just well enough to be stuck with Jason Garrett for another year.

15. Rams (5-4; No. 10): They’re stuck with Jared Goff.

16. Titans (5-5; No. 21): They’re no longer stuck with Marcus Mariota.

17. Panthers (5-4; No. 14): Another late-season collapse could prompt a clean sweep of the front office and coaching staff.

18. Colts (5-4; No. 16): It’s time.

19. Jaguars (4-5; No. 19): The Jaguars can still do everything they had hoped to do when the season began.

20. Bears (4-5; No. 23): In a battle of Mitch Trubisky and Jared Goff, everyone loses.

21. Chargers (4-6; No. 18): Philip Rivers had almost as many consecutive incompletions to end the game as he has kids.

22. Broncos (3-6; No. 22): Drew Lock will soon get his chance to prove whether John Elway can pick a quarterback.

23. Browns (3-6; No. 26): Freddie Kitchens is still new at this. Mike Tomlin definitely isn’t.

24. Lions (3-5-1; No. 20): Jeff Driskel played better than expected. As expected, however, the Lions lost in Chicago.

25. Buccaneers (3-6; No. 25): “What Could Have Been” will be the name of their official 2019 highlight video.

26. Cardinals (3-6-1; No. 24): “What Could Soon Be” will be the name of their official 2019 highlight video.

27. Falcons (2-7; No. 29): “What the Hell Happened in New Orleans?” will be the name of their official 2019 highlight video.

28. Dolphins (2-7; No. 28): “Tanks For Nothing” will be the name of their official 2019 highlight video.

29. Jets (2-7; No. 30): What good are bragging rights when there’s nothing to brag about?

30. Giants (2-8; No. 27): Pat Shurmur is a big suit jacket and a bottle of Brylcreem away from being Ben McAdoo without as many wins.

31. Washington (1-8; No. 31): The Dwayne Haskins era in D.C. begins. (Poor Dwayne.)

32. Bengals (0-9; No. 32): Maybe they can get Marvin Lewis to come back next year.