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Week Nine power rankings

The Philadelphia Eagles will be tested in Week 11 against the Dallas Cowboys and will lead the PFT Power Rankings until then.

1. Eagles (8-1; last week No. 1): Scoring 51 against the defense that won Super Bowl 50 may be the clearest sign yet that this team is headed for Super Bowl LII.

2. Patriots (6-2; No. 2): Who better than an oft-injured quarterback to back up a never-injured starter?

3. Steelers (6-2; No. 3): With everyone assuming that the Steelers are headed for a playoff bye, it’s just about time for them to assume the position of tripping over their shoelaces against an inferior foe.

4. Rams (6-2; No. 8): The guy who reminds many of Jon Gruden is having the same impact Gruden had on the 2002 Bucs.

5. Vikings (6-2; No. 6): The schedule gets a lot harder, right now.

6. Saints (6-2; No. 9): The schedule gets a lot harder, right now.

7. Chiefs (6-3; No. 4): The good news is that Andy Reid almost never loses his first game after a bye. The bad news is that this year’s break is being wasted on the Giants, an opponent they could beat on one day’s rest.

8. Seahawks (5-3; No. 5): Vikings fans knew it was just a matter of time before Blair Walsh started costing Seattle games.

9. Panthers (6-3; No. 10): After Carolina’s next win, Cam Newton will compare the team to the Hindenburg.

10. Cowboys (5-3; No. 16): They’ll need to forget about a Week 11 showdown with the Eagles long enough to provide the Falcons with the latest reminder that they’re not the team they were a year ago.

11. Washington (4-4; No. 13): They’re playing just well enough to have no choice but to use the franchise tag again on Kirk Cousins, at more than $34 million for one more year.

12. Jaguars (5-3; No. 15): Jacksonville at Tennessee for the AFC South crown is the early favorite for prime-time in Week 17.

13. Bills (5-3; No. 7): We doubt them and they prove us wrong. And then we believe in them, and they prove us wrong.

14. Titans (5-3; No. 14): As Marcus Mariota’s hamstring keeps healing, he’ll keep becoming more dangerous to opposing defenses.

15. Lions (4-4; No. 19): A softening schedule could mean an NFC North crown.

16. Falcons (4-4; No. 11): The Falcons don’t have a Super Bowl hangover. They’re still drunk.

17. Raiders (4-5; No. 21): Marshall Newhouse won’t be replacing Marshawn Lynch any time soon.

18. Ravens (4-5; No. 17): They should replace the helmet logo with a picture of a yo-yo.

19. Chargers (3-5; No. 20): A run for the division title isn’t as crazy as it would seem.

20. Jets (4-5; No. 26): Josh McCown for MVP? Josh McCown for MVP.

21. Dolphins (4-4; No. 18): It’s getting harder and harder to remember how this team won four games.

22. Cardinals (4-4; No. 29): Adrian Peterson could end up having 70 total carries only four days apart.

23. Bengals (3-5; No. 23): For two straight years, they won’t be losing in the first round of the playoffs. #silverlining.

24. Texans (3-5; No. 12): Tom Savage got benched in Week One for Deshaun Watson. When does Savage get benched for T.J. Yates?

25. Bears (3-5; No. 25): The oldest rivalry in football will be a battle for the basement.

26. Broncos (3-5; No. 24): Brock 2.0 threw only 2.0 interceptions, which gives him start 2.0 against a team he somehow beat 2.0 years ago.

27. Packers (4-4; No. 22): “Did you just listen to that question that I just answered?”

28. Colts (3-6; No. 28): It’s probably good that they have Jacoby Brissett under contract for two more years.

29. Buccaneers (2-6; No. 27): They may want to “eat a W,” but they’re being force-fed a bunch of Ls.

30. 49ers (0-9; No. 31): Six years after the 49ers hosted the Giants for a berth in the Super Bowl, they’re playing for draft-pick positioning.

31. Giants (1-7; No. 30): Eli Manning may finally be regretting not wanting to play for the Chargers.

32. Browns (0-8; No. 32): As the second half of the season begins, the question is whether Hue Jackson can win enough games in order to secure the ability to lose a bunch of games in 2018.