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Where could Aaron Rodgers play in 2021, if not Green Bay?

Mike Florio and Chris Simms wonder whether a traditional owner would've prevented the Packers from drafting Jordan Love in the first round and if 2020 will be Aaron Rodgers' last year in Green Bay.

Many believe that, because of his contract and cap charges, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will spend at least two more years in Green Bay. As recently explained, however, the Packers would save nearly $4.8 million in cap space and $22 million in cash by trading Rodgers after the 2020 season.

So if the Packers trade Rodgers after the 2020 season, where could he go? Let’s consider the possibilities.

Green Bay surely wouldn’t send Rodgers to another team in the division. When trading Brett Favre to the Jets in 2008, the Packers included a term escalating the price to three first-round picks if the Jets re-traded Favre to the Vikings, Bears, or Lions. And the Packers likely wouldn’t want to send him to a contender elsewhere in the conference; thus, while speculation about Rodgers landing with the 49ers is fascinating, the Packers probably wouldn’t want to send Rodgers home.

So it makes sense to look to the AFC for potential locations for Rodgers, and the one team that stands out the most (sorry, Derek Carr) is the Raiders. Jon Gruden, Aaron Rodgers, the Silver and Black. Las Vegas. It just makes too much sense to not happen.

Other AFC teams that could be interested include the Patriots (if Jarrett Stidham doesn’t pan out), the Colts (if they don’t have a strong post-Philip Rivers option), the Jaguars (if Gardner Minshew II isn’t the guy), the Broncos (if Drew Lock fails to become the guy many believe he will be), and the Browns (if 2020 Baker Mayfield looks more like 2019 than 2018).

Then there are the Jets, again. What if Sam Darnold doesn’t do enough this year to cement his grip on the job? What if the Jets opt for the same kind of all-in move that was made 12 years ago, when the Jets acquired Favre?

However it plays out, Rodgers could be playing his way out of Green Bay this year. His destination for 2020 could be an even bigger story than #Tommy2.0 in 2020.