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Video: Young girl hit by puck is OK

Hand it to a little girl who is a Philadelphia Flyers fan to shake off what would hurt a normal adult.

Isabella Kowalski is the young girl who was struck by a puck during the Ottawa Senators-Philadelphia Flyers game on November 15. As you can see from the video above, she received some stitches and a nasty black eye, but she seems like she is being a real trooper about it.

Instead of turning on hockey, it seems like she’s still going to be a fan of the sport. She even wrote an adorable letter to Ottawa Senators forward Ryan Shannon, telling him that she wasn’t mad at him and thanking him for the stick he apparently gave her.

(The seven year old already has better doodling skills than I do, by the way.)

It’s still sad that the young girl was hit in the head with a puck, but it’s great to see that she is OK. If she doesn’t hold the moment against hockey, then it’s an even better story.