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Luis Suarez saga reaches new low with his refusal to apologize

Liverpool's Suarez controls the ball against Thailand's national team during a friendly soccer match in Bangkok

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez controls the ball against Thailand’s national team during a friendly soccer match at Ratchamangkala Stadium in Bangkok, July 28, 2013. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha (THAILAND - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)


I can’t believe I’m actually giving this story the time of day here on ProSoccerTalk, but I’m doing it more to make a point than anything else.

This story has reached a new low, and it’s disgusting.

The story of Luis Suarez has been a roller coaster ride this summer, with the suspended striker publicly demanding a transfer - without officially handing a demand for a transfer. Meanwhile, the team has come up with reason after reason to refuse his request while the manager waffles back and forth between condemning and supporting statements.

Saturday Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers demanded Suarez apologize to the club and teammates, at which point he would be welcomed back into the squad as if nothing happened.

“Initially there will be an apology to his team mates and the club, then a recognition that he is ready to fight for the club,” Rodgers said after Liverpool lost to Celtic Saturday. “I know that we are not seeing the Luis Suarez I know.”

Apparently now, according to Sky Sports, Suarez says he won’t apologize.

What is this, a game of tag gone wrong? It’s like one third grader tripped another during tag, and the trippee is demanding the tripper apologize before accepting him back into the game.

It’d be really nice if Liverpool would just sell, collect their cash, and go about replacing him. Otherwise, we’re going to have to not only deal with this annoying slap-fight through the rest of the transfer window, but also through the first six weeks of the season while Suarez is suspended. This being from a neutral perspective, I can’t imagine what all this is doing to Liverpool fans.

This little spat needs to end, and it needs to end soon, otherwise we’re going to be subjected to the back-and-forth whining for a long time.

Let’s hope they don’t resort to bickering about what Suarez should eat for breakfast. “BREAKING NEWS: Brendan Rodgers tells Suarez to apologize for having oatmeal for breakfast, against team policy. More on Sky Sports now.” (Hold the bite jokes).

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