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The internet chose Omar Gonzalez’s new hairstyle, and nearly gave him a mullet


Yesterday, LA Galaxy and USMNT defender Omar Gonzalez decided to cut his hair, and left the final style up to the internet.

That’s a horribly dangerous prospect that nearly had dastardly consequences.

On Instagram, Gonzalez posted a recent headshot of his side-by-side with an old one of a cleaner cut saying he was “thinking of throwing in the towel and choppin’ the mop.”

Well, that he did, posting a poll which anyone could vote in to decide his next hairstyle. The choices were:

  • Leave it as it is aka “Mun” aka “Samurai”
  • Comb over
  • Short and tight
  • Mullet

Whoever persuaded Gonzalez to add in the “mullet” option, either as a joke or for real, nearly got the last laugh as “mullet” garnered 35% of the vote. It was only narrowly shot down by “short and tight” with its 36%.

Literally no one is surprised, considering the internet pounces at every chance it gets to cause mischief. “As is” got 14% while “comb over” came in last with 13%.

Gonzalez posted a photo of him about to go “under the knife” and then finally one of the final result:

We’re glad cooler heads prevailed, Omar, although I’m sure Alexi Lalas, the leader of all mischievous internet minions, would have much preferred to go with the mullet.

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