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VIDEO: Zlatan reduces local journalist to rubble in cringe-worthy interview


Following Paris Saint-Germain’s 1-0 win over State Rennes on Saturday, Zlatan Ibrahimovic wasn’t too interested in answering questions from journalists who don’t have the appropriate credentials to reach the heights necessary for Zlatan questioning.

A local reporter in the mixed zone felt the need to ask Zlatan about his relationship with teammate Edinson Cavani, who is rumored to have fallen out with manager Laurent Blanc. Big, big mistake.

The reporter elaborated on his question using the shameful journalistic crutch phrase of “a lot of people say” to describe his own feelings, and Zlatan called him out on it. “A lot of people? Or you?” the Swedish striker fired back with. The reporter tried to save face with “a lot of press people.” Zlatan wasn’t buying it.

Ibrahimovic pounced on the wounded reporter, and it wasn’t a fair fight. Zlatan completely skirted the question by asking the reporter, “Do you know better than me? Do you know football better than me?” “No...” “Then why are you talking about it?”

Will someone PLEASE get that man some ointment for his burn.

With the screen flashing FINISH HIM, Zlatan applied the icing on the cake, asking the reporter if he was a “journalist or a cameraman?” “A journalist...” “Then why are you holding a camera? So it’s low-budget.”

Poor, poor man. He clearly did not #DareToZlatan, and paid dearly for his transgression.

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