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Throwback Thursday: Remember how good college Jimmer was? (VIDEO)



Jimmer Fredette may be getting his last chance to make a name for himself in the NBA, as he signed with the Spurs after failing to find a solid role in any of his previous three stops, including last season with the New Orleans Pelicans.

The one thing that we know Jimmer can do at an NBA level is shoot the ball, and if they’re looking for a mini-microwave, floor-spacing guard that can score in bunches, isn’t that really all Jimmer does? That’s not a bad risk to take considering the Spurs are essentially getting him for peanuts; as Adrian Wojnarowski put it, a “modest financial guarantee”.

I’d hesitate to call Jimmer a flop in the NBA, but he certainly has failed to live up to the hype that he had coming out of BYU. And while the red flags he had in college -- limited size, limited athleticism, relying too heavily on his right hand, a habit of settling for deep contested threes -- have come to fruition at the professional level, it doesn’t change the fact that Jimmer-mania was totally and completely justified.

Because the dude might have been the most entertaining player in college basketball history, and I know what I’m saying there. Every game his senior season turned into a scramble to find an illegal stream to be able to watch this little mormon kid from upstate New York hit defenders with ankle-shattering crossovers before pulling up from 25-feet with two hands in his face.

When he got rolling, the things he could do on a basketball court were insane.

And while his NBA career hasn’t exactly panned out the way some hoped, don’t let it cloud the memories of college Jimmer.

Because he was awesome: