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LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul: Focus should be on winning

LeBron James’ manager, Maverick Carter, recently said winning matters most for LeBron James’ upcoming free agency.

Now, LeBron’s agent is driving home that point.

Rich Paul on The Herd:

For anywhere – not Los Angeles, not Miami, not Detroit, Milwaukee – I think for LeBron, and for most athletes, the most important thing is about winning.
At his level, it should be. It should be about winning at his point in his career.
I think Cleveland won 60 games and went to the Finals three years in a row. So, I think his focus should be there. I think he owe that to his teammates and he owe it to the organization to keep his focus on the Cleveland Cavaliers for right now. And my job is to, at such time, give him the advice that he wants and prepare him to be able to make whatever decision he wants to make at such time. Right now, that’s not the time.

Winning isn’t the only thing LeBron cares about. If it were, he’d sign a minimum contract with the Warriors.

LeBron also cares about control, legacy and money. Signing with Golden State would adversely affect all three.

For LeBron, like anyone considering changing jobs, several considerations factor. Winning is one, but only one. Time will tell how large of one.

For Carter and Paul to do these interviews now feels like a coordinated attack. When he went to the Heat in 2010 and returned to the Cavaliers in 2014, LeBron gave clues beforehand that were more obvious in hindsight. These interviews might fit the trend – but how?

Is LeBron warning the underwhelming Cavs – 8-7 with the NBA’s worst defense – that they must do more to help him win? Is he sending a signal of his loyalty to Cleveland, which has been very successful with him? Is he trying to temper expectations about him signing with the Lakers, who are far worse than the Cavaliers?

All three? None of the above?

So much will be at stake when LeBron becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer. It’s never to early to try reading the tea leaves.