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ESPN reporter complains that Tebow didn’t hand scoop to ESPN

On Sunday, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that Tim Tebow had agreed to terms with the Eagles. Tim Tebow separately is employed by ESPN. Which makes the fact that Glazer scooped ESPN regarding an ESPN employee even more noteworthy.

And that has been noticed by other ESPN employees. John Barr of ESPN griped on Twitter about Tebow’s failure to hand the scoop to his other employer.

“What gets me is how people take $$$ from the WWL then let OTHERS break news of their career changes,” Barr said on Twitter. “Lookin at u Tebow & Parcells.” (Though an unverified account, ESPN has confirmed that it belongs to Barr.)

On one hand, it would make sense for someone who gets paid by ESPN to hand the news of a career development to ESPN. On the other hand, it’s not required. It also assumes that, in this specific case, Tebow consciously chose to give the news to Glazer and not to Adam Schefter. It’s entirely possible that Glazer got the information independent of Tebow.

With or without knowing whether Tebow was Glazer’s source, it’s not the best look for an ESPN reporter to publicly complain about it. Especially on the same day Schefter explained that, if given commissioner powers over the sports media for a day, he’d have members of the media stop speculating about the sources for reports.