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Marvin Harrison Jr. jerseys still aren’t for sale

After Cardinals receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. signed his rookie contract this week, he reportedly also agreed to the NFLPA licensing arrangement that would allow his jersey to be sold.

And still, one month to the day after the Cardinals drafted Harrison, his jersey still can’t be purchased. Or even pre-ordered.

A search in the Cardinals’ online shop for “Marvin Harrison” currently returns no results. At the Fanatics NFL page, entering “Marvin Harrison” leads to products related to plenty of noteworthy Marvins and Harrisons (from Marvin Harrison Sr. to Harrison Butker to singer Marvin Gaye to NASCAR driver Harrison Burton to NBA player Marvin Bagley III to Harrison Smith to Marvin Mims Jr. to soccer player Marvin Loria to to James Harrison to Rodney Harrison to NBA player Harrison Barnes to MLB player Harrison Bader to Ronnie Harrison Jr. to Harrison Ford to Marvin the Martian — seriously) but nothing from Marvin Harrison Jr.

It’s unclear why the Cardinals and/or Fanatics weren’t ready to rush Harrison jerseys to market as soon as he signed his contract granting the right to sell his jerseys. It’s believed that Harrison previously declined to sign the NFLPA licensing agreement to leverage Fanatics to re-do his existing deal with the company. (He claims there is no existing deal.) Could it be that Fanatics, now that it has sued Harrison for breach of contract, has decided not to make and market Harrison jerseys in order to leverage him?

Regardless, if you want a Marvin Harrison Jr. jersey, you still can’t buy one.