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Mike Tomlin on James Harrison fines: “He’s got two kids”


On the same day that Steelers linebacker James Harrison was fined another $25,000, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he wants fans to think of Harrison’s children, and how they could be affected by how much money Harrison has lost in fines this year.

“I don’t care how much money you make. I take offense at times just in general how all of us talk about the money,” Tomlin told Alex Marvez and Rich Gannon on Sirius NFL Radio. “He’s got two kids. That’s some serious college schooling right there potentially for those kids 16, 18 years from now.”

Tomlin is going to have a hard time drumming up sympathy for Harrison on that front. Just with the money Harrison has made so far in his NFL career, he could have set aside enough to pay for both of his kids to get doctorates from Harvard and still have many millions of dollars left over. If the money Harrison has been fined this year is the difference between Harrison paying for his kids’ college education and his kids not being able to afford college, then Harrison has seriously mismanaged his money.

But Tomlin has been steadfast in his support of Harrison, who has now drawn $125,000 in fines this year.

“In regards to the penalties and fines, there’s no question it’s been troubling for him on a number of fronts,” Tomlin said. “This is a very disciplined and regimented guy. He doesn’t like the perception of being a dirty player. He’s not by any stretch.”