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NFLPA silent, for now, on possible diversion of funds from salary cap by Washington

Mike Florio and Chris Simms assess how the alleged Washington financial scams reflect on both the league and Daniel Snyder, as well as how they stem back to Jon Gruden and more.

The other 31 owners may not have been the only victims of the alleged Washington Commanders scheme to divert revenue from NFL games to other events held at FedEx Field. If the allegations regarding a ticket-sales shell game are true, the NFL Players Association may have something to say about the situation.

It’s a simple proposition. If money was moved from league revenues to non-league revenues, that money never made it into the calculation drives the salary cap. Which means that the salary cap was lower than it should have been.

The NFLPA has not yet issued a statement on the matter. Obviously, any type of financial shenanigans become a legitimate concern for the union. In 2016, the NFLPA won a legal battle with the league regarding the allegedly improper diversion of funds from the salary-cap fund to a nonexistent stadium-renovation exception.

Thus, it’s likely the union won’t remain silent about this. If money was stolen from the league by the Commanders, it also was stolen from the players. And if the other owners are upset about this (as they should be), the players should be upset about it, too.