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Week 13 Power Rankings

Mike Florio explains why he believes that the Packers, despite being currently behind in the NFC North, are the favorites to win the division.

1. Cowboys (10-1; last week No. 1): The biggest threat to the No. 1 seed resides in their own division.

2. Raiders (9-2; No. 2): Playing down to the level of the competition could make Oakland a one-and-done playoff participant, if they’re not careful.

3. Patriots (9-2; No. 4): Avocado ice cream apparently has magical healing powers. Unless it’s the toppings.

4. Giants (8-3; No. 5): The Giants are possibly doing well enough to get Todd Bowles fired.

5. Chiefs (8-3; No. 8): Tyreek Hill could be Dante Hall, Priest Holmes, and Dwayne Bowe rolled into one player.

6. Seahawks (7-3-1; No. 3): If the road to the Super Bowl doesn’t go through Seattle, the Seahawks likely won’t be playing there.

7. Falcons (7-4; No. 7): With the Buccaneers rising, the Falcons’ margin for error is shrinking.

8. Broncos (7-4; No. 6): If the Broncos can’t trust their defense, can any team trust its defense?

9. Lions (7-4; No. 10): With visits to the Saints, Giants, and Cowboys upcoming, those close games could be ending, soon.

10. Dolphins (7-4; No. 11): Has any six-game winning streak ever been more overlooked nationally?

11. Washington (6-4-1; No. 9): They may be better than they were a year ago. Unfortunately, the rest of the division is, too.

12. Bills (6-5; No. 14): The NFL is better when Rex Ryan is in it, and the Bills may be doing enough to ensure that he will be.

13. Buccaneers (6-5; No. 20): It may not happen this year or next year, but the Buccaneers will win a Super Bowl with Jameis Winston at quarterback.

14. Packers (5-6; No. 15): Two games behind the Lions and one game behind the Vikings, the schedule says that the Packers are still the favorites to win the division.

15. Ravens (6-5; No. 17): When the field goal kicker is the best player on the team, that says a lot about the kicker. Or not a lot about the rest of the team.

16. Steelers (6-5; No. 18): All I want for Christmas is a Steelers-Raiders playoff game.

17. Texans (6-5; No. 12): Good news/bad news -- they finally broke the cycle of winning the games they should and losing the games they should.

18. Vikings (6-5; No. 13): “Playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game.”

19. Titans (6-6; No. 21): A late bye week gives them extra time to get ready for what would be a signature win over the Broncos.

20. Eagles (5-6; No. 16): The silver lining in their 2-6 slide could be that Jim Schwartz won’t get hired as a head coach elsewhere.

21. Chargers (5-6; No. 25): The worst team in the AFC West continues to prove that it would be the best team in three or four other divisions.

22. Saints (5-6; No. 26): Bounty penalty for the team, a pair of second-round picks. Lost revenue for Sean Payton, more than $7 million. Ramming it sideways up the rear end of Gregg Williams, priceless.

23. Colts (5-6; No. 19): Jim Irsay prefers championships to Star Wars statistics. He now has neither.

24. Bengals (3-7-1; No. 22): “At least we’re the best team in Ohio, if you leave out the Buckeyes.”

25. Cardinals (4-6-1; No. 23): They were supposed to be better. They’re worse. Much, much worse.

26. Panthers (4-7; No. 24): OK, it’s finally time to insert the fork.

27. Rams (4-7; No. 27): Given the scrap with Eric Dickerson, they’re actually 4-8.

28. Jets (3-8; No. 28): Woody Johnson is five weeks away from pressing the reset button, again.

29. Bears (2-9; No. 29): If no one pays attention to their game against the 49ers, will it make a sound?

30. Jaguars (2-9; No. 30): What was supposed to be a big step up from 5-11 has been a major step back.

31. 49ers (1-10; No. 31): The Titans suddenly look very smart for not reuniting Chip Kelly with Marcus Mariota.

32. Browns (0-12; No. 32): The last, best chance to win a game comes when the Bengals visit after the bye.