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Premier League 2014-15 TV schedule for NBC Sports Group

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With exactly one month to go until the new Premier League season, the NBC Sports Group TV schedule for the first three months of the 2014-15 Premier League season is here.

Below you will find the full schedule for NBC Sports’ coverage plans, as all 130 matches during the first three months of the season will be aired live and exclusively across NBC’s platforms.

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It all kicks off on Saturday, Aug. 16 at 7:45 a.m. ET on NBCSN with Louis van Gaal’s first game in charge of Manchester United as they face Swansea.

At least 68 Premier League games (at least five a week in the first three months of the new campaign) will be shown on NBCSN, NBC and CNBC with all games preceded and followed by Premier League Live pre- and post-match shows from the NBC Sports Group International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn.

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The other 62 Premier League games during the first three months will be aired live on Premier League Extra Time, a package available at no extra cost for customers who receive NBCSN. In addition, 47 matches in the season’s first three months will be telecast in Spanish by Telemundo and mun2.

All Premier League games will be streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices and tablets, also at no extra cost for customers who receive NBCSN.

Below is the list of matches for the first three months in full, as you can start to plan out where and when you can watch every single game from the Premier League.

One month to go, folks... Is it August 16 yet?

Full NBCUniversal schedule for the first three months of the Premier League season

(NOTE: TBD indicates that there will be one match in that time slot on NBCSN, in some cases one match on mun2, and remaining non-NBCSN games on Premier League Extra Time. Final channel assignments for those matches will be made in the coming weeks.)

DateTime (ET)HomeAwayNetwork
Sat., Aug. 167:45 a.m.Man UnitedSwansea CityNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Aug. 1610 a.m.Leicester CityEvertonTBD
Sat., Aug. 1610 a.m.West HamTottenhamTBD
Sat., Aug. 1610 a.m.Stoke CityAston VillaTBD
Sat., Aug. 1610 a.m.Queens Park RangersHull CityTBD
Sat., Aug. 1610 a.m.West BromSunderlandTBD
Sat., Aug. 1612:30 p.m.ArsenalCrystal PalaceNBC, mun2
Sun., Aug. 178:30 a.m.LiverpoolSouthamptonNBCSN
Sun., Aug. 1711 a.m.NewcastleMan CityNBCSN, Telemundo
Mon., Aug. 183 p.m.BurnleyChelseaNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Aug. 237:45 a.m.Aston VillaNewcastleNBCSN
Sat., Aug. 2310 a.m.ChelseaLeicester CityTBD, mun2
Sat., Aug. 2310 a.m.Crystal PalaceWest HamTBD
Sat., Aug. 2310 a.m.SouthamptonWest BromTBD
Sat., Aug. 2310 a.m.Swansea CityBurnleyTBD
Sat., Aug. 2312:30 p.m.EvertonArsenalNBC, mun2
Sun., Aug. 248:30 a.m.TottenhamQueens Park RangersCNBC
Sun., Aug. 248:30 a.n.Hull CityStoke CityExtra Time
Sun., Aug. 2411 a.m.SunderlandMan UnitedNBCSN, Telemundo
Mon., Aug 253 p.m.Man CityLiverpoolNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Aug. 307:45 a.m.BurnleyMan UnitedNBCSN
Sat., Aug. 3010 a.m.Man CityStoke CityTBD, mun2
Sat., Aug. 3010 a.m.West HamSouthamptonTBD
Sat., Aug. 3010 a.m.Aston VillaHull CityTBD
Sat., Aug. 3010 a.m.NewcastleCrystal PalaceTBD
Sat., Aug. 3010 a.m.Swansea CityWest BromTBD
Sat., Aug. 3010 a.m.Queens Park RangersSunderlandTBD
Sat., Aug. 3012:30 p.m.EvertonChelseaNBC, mun2
Sun., Aug 318:30 a.m.TottenhamLiverpoolNBCSN, mun2
Sun., Aug 3111 a.m.Leicester CityArsenalNBCSN, Telemundo
Sat., Sept. 137:45 a.m.ArsenalMan CityNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Sept. 1310 a.m.ChelseaSwansea CityTBD
Sat., Sept. 1310 a.m.West BromEvertonTBD
Sat., Sept. 1310 a.m.SunderlandTottenhamTBD
Sat., Sept. 1310 a.m.SouthamptonNewcastleTBD
Sat., Sept. 1310 a.m.Crystal PalaceBurnleyTBD
Sat., Sept. 1310 a.m.Stoke CityLeicester CityTBD
Sat., Sept. 1312:30 p.m.LiverpoolAston VillaNBC, mun2
Sun., Sept. 1411 a.m.Man UnitedQueens Park RangersNBCSN, Telemundo
Mon., Sept. 153 p.m.Hull CityWest HamNBCSN
Sat., Sept. 207:45 a.m.Queens Park RangersStoke CityNBCSN
Sat., Sept. 2010 a.m.Aston VillaArsenalTBD, mun2
Sat., Sept. 2010 a.m.TottenhamWest BromTBD
Sat., Sept. 2010 a.m.Swansea CitySouthamptonTBD
Sat., Sept. 2010 a.m.NewcastleHull CityTBD
Sat., Sept. 2010 a.m.BurnleySunderlandTBD
Sat., Sept. 2012:30 p.m.West HamLiverpoolNBC, mun2
Sun., Sept. 218:30 a.m.Leicester CityMan UnitedCNBC
Sun., Sept. 2111 a.m.Man CityChelseaNBCSN, Telemundo
Sun., Sept. 2111 a.m.EvertonCrystal PalaceExtra Time
Sat., Sept. 277:45 a.m.LiverpoolEvertonNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Sept. 2710 a.m.Hull CityMan CityTBD, mun2
Sat., Sept. 2710 a.m.Man UnitedWest HamTBD
Sat., Sept. 2710 a.m.ChelseaAston VillaTBD
Sat., Sept. 2710 a.m.Crystal PalaceLeicester CityTBD
Sat., Sept. 2710 a.m.SunderlandSwansea CityTBD
Sat., Sept. 2710 a.m.SouthamptonQueens Park RangersTBD
Sat., Sept. 2712:30 p.m.ArsenalTottenhamNBCSN, mun2
Sun., Sept. 2811 p.m.West BromBurnleyNBCSN
Mon., Sept. 293 p.m.Stoke CityNewcastleNBCSN
Sat., Oct. 410 a.m.LiverpoolWest BromTBD, mun2
Sat., Oct. 410 a.m.Swansea CityNewcastleTBD
Sat., Oct. 410 a.m.Hull CityCrystal PalaceTBD
Sat., Oct. 410 a.m.Leicester CityBurnleyTBD
Sat., Oct. 410 a.m.SunderlandStoke CityTBD
Sat., Oct. 412:30 p.m.Aston VillaMan CityNBC, mun2
Sun., Oct. 57 a.m.Man UnitedEvertonNBCSN, mun2
Sun., Oct. 59:05 a.m.ChelseaArsenalNBCSN, Telemundo
Sun., Oct. 59:05 a.m.TottenhamSouthamptonTBD
Sun., Oct. 511:15 a.m.West HamQueens Park RangersNBCSN
Sat., Oct. 187:45 a.m.Man CityTottenhamNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Oct. 1810 a.m.Crystal PalaceChelseaTBD, mun2
Sat., Oct. 1810 a.m.ArsenalHull CityTBD
Sat., Oct. 1810 a.m.EvertonAston VillaTBD
Sat., Oct. 1810 a.m.NewcastleLeicester CityTBD
Sat., Oct. 1810 a.m.SouthamptonSunderlandTBD
Sat., Oct. 1810 a.m.BurnleyWest HamTBD
Sun., Oct. 198:30 a.m.Queens Park RangersLiverpoolNBCSN, mun2
Sun., Oct. 1911 a.m.Stoke CitySwansea CityNBCSN
Mon., Oct. 203 p.m.West BromMan UnitedNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Oct. 257:45 a.m.West HamMan CityNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Oct. 2510 a.m.SunderlandArsenalTBD, mun2
Sat., Oct. 2510 a.m.LiverpoolHull CityTBD
Sat., Oct. 2510 a.m.TottenhamNewcastleTBD
Sat., Oct. 2510 a.m.SouthamptonStoke CityTBD
Sat., Oct. 2510 a.m.West BromCrystal PalaceTBD
Sat., Oct. 2512:30 p.m.Swansea CityLeicester CityNBC
Sun., Oct 269:30 a.m.BurnleyEvertonNBCSN
Sun., Oct 26NoonMan UnitedChelseaNBC, Telemundo
Mon., Oct. 274 p.m.Queens Park RangersAston VillaNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Nov. 18:45 a.m.NewcastleLiverpoolNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Nov. 111 a.m.ChelseaQueens Park RangersTBD, mun2
Sat., Nov. 111 a.m.ArsenalBurnleyTBD
Sat., Nov. 111 a.m.EvertonSwansea CityTBD
Sat., Nov. 111 a.m.Hull CitySouthamptonTBD
Sat., Nov. 111 a.m.Stoke CityWest HamTBD
Sat., Nov. 111 a.m.Leicester CityWest BromTBD
Sun., Nov. 28:30 a.m.Man CityMan UnitedNBCSN, mun2
Sun., Nov. 211 a.m.Aston VillaTottenhamNBCSN
Mon., Nov. 33 p.m.Crystal PalaceSunderlandNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Nov. 87:45 a.m.LiverpoolChelseaNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Nov. 810 a.m.Man UnitedCrystal PalaceTBD, mun2
Sat., Nov. 810 a.m.TottenhamStoke CityTBD
Sat., Nov. 810 a.m.West HamAston VillaTBD
Sat., Nov. 810 a.m.SouthamptonLeicester CityTBD
Sat., Nov. 810 a.m.BurnleyHull CityTBD
Sat., Nov. 812:30 p.m.Queens Park RangersMan CityNBC, mun2
Sun., Nov. 98:30 a.m.SunderlandEvertonNBCSN
Sun., Nov. 98:30 a.m.West BromNewcastleExtra Time
Sun., Nov. 911 a.m.Swansea CityArsenalNBCSN
Sat., Nov. 2210 a.m.Man CitySwansea CityTBD, mun2
Sat., Nov. 2210 a.m.ChelseaWest BromTBD
Sat., Nov. 2210 a.m.EvertonWest HamTBD
Sat., Nov. 2210 a.m.NewcastleQueens Park RangersTBD
Sat., Nov. 2210 a.m.Stoke CityBurnleyTBD
Sat., Nov. 2210 a.m.Leicester CitySunderlandTBD
Sat., Nov. 2212:30 p.m.ArsenalMan UnitedNBC, mun2
Sun., Nov 238:30 a.m.Crystal PalaceLiverpoolCNBC
Sun., Nov 2311 a.m.Hull CityTottenhamNBCSN
Mon., Nov. 243 p.m.Aston VillaSouthamptonNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Nov. 297:45 a.m.West BromArsenalNBCSN, mun2
Sat., Nov. 2910 a.m.Man UnitedHull CityTBD, mun2
Sat., Nov. 2910 a.m.LiverpoolStoke CityTBD
Sat., Nov. 2910 a.m.West HamNewcastleTBD
Sat., Nov. 2910 a.m.Swansea CityCrystal PalaceTBD
Sat., Nov. 2910 a.m.BurnleyAston VillaTBD
Sat., Nov. 2910 a.m.Queens Park RangersLeicester CityTBD
Sat., Nov. 2912:30 p.m.SunderlandChelseaNBC
Sun., Nov. 308:30 a.m.SouthamptonMan CityNBCSN
Sun., Nov. 3011 a.m.TottenhamEvertonNBCSN