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NFL issues another memo regarding non-player conduct during games

Less than three months after sending a memo to all teams regarding the behavior of non-players during games, the NFL has issued another memo.

The latest message, a copy of which PFT has obtained, comes three days after an incident that resulted in the mutual ejections of 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro.

“The Playing Rules of the National Football League, and our Game Operations Policies, clearly prohibit non-player personnel — coaches, trainers, equipment staff, security officers, or others — from making physical contact with, taunting, or directing abusive or insulting language toward opposing players, game officials, or others involved in a game,” the memo explains. “If an altercation occurs, club personnel are to allow the coaches and game officials to manage the situation, with the officials assessing appropriate penalties, with assistance from the League Office as needed. Under no circumstances are club personnel to engage with or make physical contact with another club’s player(s) or other personnel.”

That’s a pretty clear indication as to the league’s position on what DiSandro should, and shouldn’t, have done. He shouldn’t have stepped onto the white stripe separating the field from the bench area and pushed players apart.

“This has been made clear on numerous occasions, including earlier this year at the Fall League Meeting, and in Football Operations memos 71-23 and 81-23, dated September 13, 2023, and October 18, 2023, respectively,” the memo continues. “The Football Operations Department will diligently enforce these rules and assess accountability measures on both individuals and clubs as appropriate. In addition to ejection, these may include fines and/or suspensions without pay.”

The lingering question is whether the league, or the Eagles, will suspend DiSandro. During Wednesday’s #PFTPM, I raised the possibility of the league not disciplining DiSandro and instead giving everyone a clean slate going forward. Given the September 13 memo, however, it becomes more likely that DiSandro will be disciplined.