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PFT 2023 Week 1 NFL picks, Florio vs. Simms

The picks are back, with a big new twist. As in a big former quarterback with a big old head whose picks will now be featured here with mine.

For years, we had two sets of PFT picks: MDS vs. me in text, and Chris Simms vs. me on video. This year, we’ve merged the two.

Every Thursday morning, Simms and I will record the Joint Mega Picks Podcast, a collaboration of Chris Simms Unbuttoned and #PFTPM. Then, we’ll put the picks here, along with video clips from the joint show.

So you can watch the clips. Or you can read the picks. Or you can do both.

The full show is here, at YouTube.

Here’s something else you can do. DraftKings has a weekly picks pool where you can match wits with us. There’s $1,000 in prize money available every week.

To enter, Download the DraftKings app, click on the Pools tab and enter the Free $1k Florio & Simms Pick ‘em Pool. Or click here.

For now, here are the Week 1 picks. If you want any reasoning or whatever we said to justify the selections, watch the corresponding video.

Lions at Chiefs (-4.5)

Florio: Chiefs, 27-23.

Simms: Chiefs, 35-27.

Panthers at Falcons (-3.5)

Florio: Falcons, 30-27.

Simms: Falcons, 24-16.

Texans at Ravens (-10)

Florio: Ravens, 34-13.

Simms: Ravens, 31-10.

Bengals (-2.5) at Browns

Florio: Bengals, 24-17.

Simms: Bengals, 24-21.

Jaguars (-5) at Colts

Florio: Jaguars, 27-17.

Simms: Jaguars, 27-17.

Buccaneers at Vikings (-6)

Florio: Vikings, 31-14.

Simms: Vikings, 24-20.

Titans at Saints (-3)

Florio: Titans, 20-17.

Simms: Titans, 20-17.

49ers (-2) at Steelers

Florio: Steelers, 24-23.

Simms: 49ers, 20-17.

Cardinals at Commanders (-7)

Florio: Commanders, 28-10.

Simms: Commanders, 28-13.

Packers at Bears (-1)

Florio: Packers, 21-17.

Simms: Packers, 20-17.

Raiders at Broncos (-3.5)

Florio: Broncos, 30-20.

Simms: Raiders, 23-20.

Dolphins at Chargers (-3)

Florio: Dolphins, 28-27.

Simms: Dolphins, 31-28.

Eagles (-4) at Patriots

Florio: Eagles, 30-23.

Simms: Eagles, 30-24.

Rams at Seahawks

Florio: Seahawks, 27-17.

Simms: Seahawks, 27-17.

Cowboys (-3.5) at Giants

Florio: Giants, 27-24.

Simms: Giants, 21-17.

Bills (-2.5) at Jets

Florio: Jets, 33-30.

Simms: Jets, 28-24.