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Kat Stacks files police report against Carmelo Anthony

Earlier this week, Nuggets (for the time being) small forward Carmelo Anthony found himself involved in a bizarre controversy involving twitter, Anthony’s wife La La Vasquez, and Kat Stacks, who is apparently an internet groupie of some description.

Essentially, Anthony tweeted that he would give $20,000 dollars to anyone who would “slap the (expletive) out of Stacks,” right as Vasquez was tweeting about her disdain for Stacks and saying that her husband was on “a twitter roll.” (Here’s a helpful recap of the events, courtesy of SB Nation’s Andrew Sharp.)

Carmelo is now claiming that his twitter account was hacked, but Stacks is apparently not buying it, as she tweeted that she filed a police report on Anthony a few hours ago. We’ll keep you updated if this turns into a significant issue for Anthony.