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Kevin Durant is made of magic

Kevin Durant hasn’t racked up the assists so far in his NBA career, but he helps his teammates out in other ways. In this clip from a season-ticket holder event in Oklahoma City, it is clear that Durant has the power to bless the ball with his powers and make it go in when somebody shoots it.

As fun as this clip is, the real story might be the genuine joy Durant shows when the fan (spoiler alert) makes the half-court shot. Durant was enjoying himself, which is great to see from any NBA superstar, especially one in a smaller market. Earlier this week, Durant talked about how he liked the laid-back feel and free skittles that he gets playing in Oklahoma City. In this clip, we can see that that sentiment was more than just words. Between the connection he feels with Thunder fans and the home-court advantage that the haunted hotel in Oklahoma City provides, Durant has plenty of reasons to stay with the Thunder for a long, long while.