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Some ideas for All-Star Weekend events

All-Star Weekend is great. It’s the best basketball players in the world assembled in one place, showing off their skills. However, there are still talents that NBA players have that fans don’t get to see showcased during All-Star Weekend. Here are some of my ideas to remedy that:

Longest Shot Contest

Put Eddie House, JR Smith, LeBron James, and other players with unlimited range on the court. Put 3-5 minutes on the clock. When they make a shot, they put a marker down. When time is up, the marker furthest away from the basket wins. That’s it. Tell me you wouldn’t be watching as they measure if LeBron’s shot from four feet beyond half-court will hold up against J.R.'s shot from the fourth row.

Crossover Competition

Like the shootout competition in hockey, each player gets a fast-break possession against a defender. Judges score their move, but it only counts if it results in a basket. Carrying rules would be relaxed.

Best Poster Contest

A dunker starts from the right side of the circle (left if he’s left-handed.) A defender starts from the free-throw line extended on the other side of the key. The goal is to dunk on someone or block the dunk. At the end of the time period, best dunk and best block win.

Make Kendrick Perkins or Josh Smith Smile

There are no other rules. One of the All-Stars must attempt to make Perkins or Smith smile while they are on a basketball court. This may be an impossible contest.

All-Star Debate Contest

Definite invitees: Manu Ginobili, Sam Cassell, Joey Crawford, Kevin Garnett.

NBA’s Fastest Man

Heats of two, go from baseline to baseline while maintaining the dribble. Fastest time wins.

Those are my ideas, and I’m sure there are a lot more good ones out there. Let me know yours.