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David Kahn fined $50k for comments on Michael Beasley

David Kahn is not a big fan of the marijuana. Nor is he a fan of his new acquisition, Michael Beasley, being a fan of the marijuana. It’s okay though: SuperCoolBeas swears his days of using the marijuana are behind him, so he and Kahn are free to ride off into that point guard-obsessed and small forward-infused Timberwolves sunset together.

As long as Kahn agrees to pay the toll, first. According to a league press release, Kahn and the Timberwolves have been fined $50,000 apiece, in what seems to be more than a slap on the wrist for an odd comment (and Kahn’s comments were definitely kind of odd). It’s not explicitly stated in the release nor has it been reported elsewhere, but it’s possible that Kahn’s fine isn’t a result of his comments per se, but rather his disregard for the confidentiality of player drug tests.

Otherwise, what’s the purpose of fining the Timberwolves as an organization? Most infractions trapped between quotation marks are easily attributed to an individual, who is then held responsible. Yet in this case, there seems to be something more than Kahn simply mentioning Beasley’s past habits. The team is somehow involved, and the most logical inference is that Kahn -- and the Wolves -- have likely violated Beasley’s privacy by disclosing drug test results.

One can only hope that though $50k poorer, Kahn doesn’t turn into any less the quote machine he’s been of late. The man never ceases to amaze with his sound bites, and while it may be best for him to stay away from this particular topic as much as possible, I anxiously await Kahn’s next press appearance with bated breath.