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NBA negotiating Sacramento arena deal, Maloofs not there

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This should tell you all you need to know about how things are shaking out with the Sacramento arena proposal.

There is a big meeting on the issue Wednesday in Dallas, where powerhouse arena operator AEG will meet with Sacramento city leaders and NBA league officials — led by Thunder owner Clay Bennett — to figure out if they can work together to get a stadium built, Tom Ziller reports at SBN.

The Maloof brothers, who own the Kings and tried to move the team to Anaheim last summer, will not be at the talks.

The Maloofs have been sidelined in this process, with the NBA moving people into key non-basketball positions in the franchise to make sure that Sacramento gets a fair shot at getting an arena being built. Financing remains the key issue.

The city has until March 1 to put forward a plan for an arena and a way to pay for it that the other NBA owners will approve. Do that and the team stays; fall short and the Kings are heading to Disneyland.

The Maloofs are essentially like you and me in this process — spectators.