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Patrick Beverley flagrantly fouls then mocks Chris Paul (video)

Patrick Beverley is a jerk on the court.

Not only does he have a history of playing recklessly and talking trash, he’s now combining the two.

In the Clippers’ Game 5 win over the Suns yesterday, Beverley flagrantly fouled Chris Paul on a 3-pointer. While Paul was down in apparent pain, Beverley mocked Paul’s reaction.

Did Paul exaggerate the contact? Maybe! He frequently resorts to those types of cheap tricks.

But it’s tough to say how Paul was supposed to react to having his legs swept while in midair. That’s a jarring action.

As Paul stepped to the free-throw line, Beverley appeared to tell him, “Way to sell it” and patted him on the backside. Both players jawed at each other as play resumed.

Yup, it’s the point in a series where both sides are tired of each other.