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Don’t worry Cleveland, John Mayer has your back; will wear Cavs jersey at Miami concert

Cleveland is “Dreaming With A Broken Heart” after The Decision. Don’t worry Cleveland. John Mayer has your back.

Rather than “Waiting on the World To Change” he is going to stir the pot himself. He may even end up on LeBron’s fabled list, even though LeBron is “Bigger Than My Body.”

At a recent concert in Cleveland, Mayer came out on stage in a Cavaliers jersey (and matching headband, of course) and said he would wear it on stage in Miami on Sept. 11. That’s gets an even bigger response than “How you doing tonight Cleveland?” because, you know, Cleveland is feeding on its white-hot hate of LeBron right now.

Breaking one of my promises to you, dear reader, never to put soccer mom music on this blog, the video of the moment is below, but it does contain some Mayer singing. I apologize in advance. (All this via Trey at Ball don’t Lie and The Cleveland Scene)