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In wake of fight, Wizards to gauge trade value of Blatche, McGee

McGee Blatche

Right now, if you are on the Washington Wizards roster and are not a point guard known for doing the dougie, you should know you could be traded.

And if you embarrass a franchise that is still sore from the Gilbert Arenas gun foolishness, you can bet that you are being shopped immediately.

Which explain Alex Kennedy’s report at Hoopsworld that the Wizards are shopping Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee around to see how much interest there is.

McGee and Blatche got in a fight outside a Washington D.C. club last weekend because… well, make up your own reasons, but you can bet it was pretty stupid. The Wizards suspended both of them one game for basically just being idiots.

It is possible nothing comes of this, and the Wizards would have shopped both anyway at some point. But last weekend’s fight between the two upped the timing of shopping them around. How much interest is out there on two underperforming players remains to be seen. Some GMs never seem to give up on potential so there may be offers.