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James Goldstein reminds us that basketball and high fashion are both art

Watching replays of old now Hall of Famer Karl Malone and John Stockton games on NBA TV the last few days is a reminder of something that can get lost in the hype of superteams, in the winning and the losing:

Basketball can be a beautiful game. Artistry. Style. Flair.

James Goldstein and this video can be another reminder (made by Crane TV and found by Eric Freeman at the Baseline, a man who will be greatly missed until his next gig).

If you’ve watched much NBA you’ve seen Goldstein at games, dressed rather flamboyantly in cowboy hats and leather suits. He’s a fashion fan. He travels the world -- literally -- going to top fashion shows, admiring the best architecture and going to basketball games.

And he gets it. Basketball is style, it’s artistry. A different form, but when done right it is there. Ray Allen using a pick to free himself for a jumper. Pau Gasol in the high post. Steve Nash coming off the high pick. Kevin Durant in space. This is a special kind of artistry, these are things of beauty. And we need to appreciate them as such.