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Referee tells Zaza Pachulia that Warriors got delay of game ‘because you shot such a bad shot’ (video)

In the Warriors’ win over the Mavericks last night, Zaza Pachulia – while being fouled – biffed a shot off the bottom of the backboard. As Pachulia readied for his free throws, Golden State was called for a delay of game. Pachulia asked why.

Referee Scott Foster

Because you shot such a bad shot. You deserve that delay of game.

If you swished it, it’s not a delay of game.

I’m pretty sure Foster was joking. Pachulia laughed. It seemed the delay of game was actually due to the Warriors’ substitution.

And maybe Foster and Pachulia have a relationship where Foster knew Pachulia would take the remarks with good humor.

But even close friends can’t always tell when each other are in joking moods. It’s not worth risking a misread of the situation here.

Tensions appear to be high between players and referees. I believe one reason is referees not understanding their role on the court.

Players are in the heat of competition. Referees are not. Referees should be mindful and respectful of the difference.

Though this obviously didn’t amount to anything serious, I think it’s indicative of a greater problem.