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Watch Draymond Green surprise 14-year-old UK superfan (VIDEO)

Patrick Morrison thought he was simply being interviewed as an NBA superfan for UK broadcaster BT Sport. But with the global reach of the NBA today, Patrick got a little more than he bargained for.

In a video posted to the NBA’s YouTube channel this week, Patrick detailed why Draymond Green was his favorite NBA player, pointing out his ability to affect all parts of the game and calling him a “fly that won’t get out of your room.”

That is a pretty apt description of how Green plays the game, and it takes a pretty dedicated, analytical young fan to say that Green is his favorite player on a team that has Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson.

Part way through the interview, Patrick was surprised when Green himself stepped out and greeted him with a signed jersey.

Green then invited Patrick to come with him on set to a promotional video shoot, where it looked like they had a great time.

The NBA offseason can drag on, but seeing stuff like this is genuinely cool and reminds us adults of that same kind of joy you used to have for the game as a kid.