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Now you can easily switch cities with this Kevin Durant plane


Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors are heading to the NBA Finals once again to take on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now is probably the perfect time to unveil some high-profile marketing stuff for the guys on the teams, right?

Well ... maybe.

According to NBC Bay Area, Durant has apparently partnered with Alaska Airlines as a consultant for at-risk youth programs in the Bay Area, which is pretty dang cool. Part of that partnership includes an image of Durant, arms outstretched, across the side of an Alaska plane.

Via NBC Bay Area:

More than 30 decal pieces spread out across 560 square feet of the 737-900ER aircraft were slapped together to showcase a smiling, arms-stretched Durant decked out in a white basketball jersey.

Durant’s lengthy wingspan in real life stretches even more on the aircraft, extending 50 feet on both sides of the plane’s fuselage.

Then again, I’m not super sure putting Durant’s image across a product that moves easily from city to city is the smartest marketing plan. Sort of opens you up to some pretty obvious meme opportunities, if you ask me.

Game 1 of the Finals is at 6:00 PM PST on Thursday in Oakland.