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Crisis averted

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The Seahawks and Russell Wilson reportedly agreed to a four-year, $87.6M extension with $60M guaranteed. More | Watch: King on details of deal | More than all QBs except Rodgers | Chancellor a now-show for camp
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Tom Coughlin wishes Jason Pierre-Paul would accept help as he recovers from losing a finger. 
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After upholding Tom Brady's ban, Roger Goodell has another concern --  his home.  
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Never change
Dez Bryant says his new contract is nice, but it won't change his life or the way he plays.


1. L. Bell (4920)

2. T. Brady (3606)

3. A. Peterson (3301)

4. J. Randle (3169)

5. R. Wilson (2852)

6. T. Gurley (2678)

7. L. Murray (2606)

8. J. Bell (2560)

9. C. Hyde (2540)

10. R. Rice (2531)