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Bayou Classic Marching Bands

Franks Brothers' journey to Southern band simply remarkable

For Daniel and Michah Franks, brothers who were diagnosed with autism at different stages of their youth, joining the Southern band and playing music has opened up their minds to another world full of adventure.

Sherman finds himself, family in job he didn't want

After 30 years of coaching on football's biggest stages, Mike Sherman left for high school football.

GE Engineered to Win

The secrets behind NASCAR’s virtual world

As important as on-track strategy is, the technical side of driving a racecar is just as important and Roush Fenway Racing’s Engineering Design Manager Jim Ryder explains the analytical side of the car.

With no gauge, NASCAR driver are blind to remaining fuel

We've seen many time before when races come down to fuel mileage and teams don't know how much they have left because there aren't fuel gauges in the car. Engineer Randy Seals talks about teams handle that dilemma.

NBC Sunday Night Football

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