No two schedules created equal

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Seattle plays the “first-place” schedule, while the 49ers get last year’s second-place teams in the NFC North and NFC South. More | Colts get bye-week short straw | Consecutive Thursday games | Rams schedule contest
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Football night
From Colts-Broncos to Seahawks-49ers, this year's Sunday Night Football slate is packed.
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Don't just watch the games, live them. Get your tickets now for the upcoming 2014 NFL season.
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Mets legend Doc Gooden says pine tar does more than just help a pitcher grip the baseball.
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Herschel Walker says he could still play running back in the NFL. Walker is 52 years old.
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Richard Sherman now says he doesn't regret anything about his rant against Michael Crabtree.

1. L. James (3047)

2. J. Manziel (2880)

3. A. Smith (2667)

4. J. Clowney (2593)

5. R. Allen (2169)

6. C. Johnson (2023)

7. W. Hill (1950)

8. S. Rice (1903)

9. R. Meachem (1763)

10. R. Wilson (1732)