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Darren McCarty just wants to be left alone

Darren McCarty

Former Red Wings grind line stud Darren McCarty is doing a lot to clean up his life. Some of his friends aren’t taking his new lifestyle so well, apparently.

According to The Detroit News, McCarty and his wife took out an order of protection against four of their friends because he’s trying to straighten up his life and get away from his old partying ways.

“All we want is to be left alone,” McCarty said in an interview. “I ignored some of the things they were doing and was willing to let it go, until they started threatening my wife and me. Death threats.

“They don’t like me because I’m not running around with them anymore, and they don’t like her because we got married and just want to get on with our lives.”

On top of the death threats and other ugly behavior, the McCartys allege the four former friends are stalking them both on the Internet and real life. The price of fame can be rough when things turn ugly like this.